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It's time to connect the EDH community.
Connect with players, find playgroups, and keep up with what's going on in your area.
EDHmeetup let's you connect with the EDH community around you AND beyond.

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Find playgroups in your area

Moved to a new city? Friends busy? Visiting a new country?
We got you. Search for playgroups anywhere and start jamming games.

Connect with your
local community

Find players near you and connect with them. Start talking about strats, decks, secret techs, ect. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend!

Follow players you like, local or from far away and stay up to date with what they post.
Or make your own posts and start a conversation!

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You can make posts on a board specific to your area.
Make your own posts or see what other people are talking about!

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